"I've found massage with Megan extremely relaxing and life affirming. Her approach is incredibly calming and even before the massage starts, I find myself forgetting about the world outside and slowing down. Pain in my lower back has really reduced since coming to see her. My physical and emotional well being is always improved by a visit."
Catherine Fookes, Campaigner
"I saw Megan for a series of massages that helped me relax and assisted me to develop self-confidence following a brief period of ill health. More significantly, the massages helped me re-calibrate both my mind and body and enabled me to recommence exercise and work both successfully. The series of massages also helped a long standing back and knee problem, which was an added benefit of the whole experience."
Robin Macintosh, Head of Community Services,
'I came to Megan seeking help with working on releasing any trapped trauma that was still being held in my body from childhood events on the advice of a counsellor.
My time with her was so healing, not just because of her professional skill and aptitude, but also her empathic manner.  Treatment with Megan is a completely holistic experience.
Megan has such a gentle but penetrative way of working with the body.  Sometimes I had come straight from an intense counselling session but, I always felt safe talking to Megan about it.  Always knowing there was total confidentiality and no judgment.  All was taken into consideration for that days treatment.
I can't recommend Megan enough.  She is conscientious and cares very deeply about others and does everything she can to help with their healing and wellbeing.'
"Megan works intuitively with my body and it amazes me when I finish a session, stand up and am three inches taller!  I've learned to identify the areas that are causing me problems and then trust Megan to work out how best to work.
Finding a therapist you are comfortable with and who works with your body in a balanced way can be difficult.  I am genuinely delighted to have become one of Megan's clients.  I enjoy her open approach to each session, the text message reminders are a life saver and there is always a friendly and warm welcome.
It is a genuine pleasure to recommend her to my friends and colleagues.  When they need a little help, I know she will take care of them."
Anthony Geddes, Forestry Investment Surveyor
"Megan brings great sensitivity to her massage - as she works she seems to intuit and respond to what the body is calling for. I experience her massage as beautifully spacious, which allows me to drop into a deep state of relaxation, rest and repair. Highly recommended!"
Ali Rose, Yoga Teacher

"Megan’s massage is incredibly intuitive, somehow she always knows exactly what I need and I always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. I've enjoyed seeing Megan for regular sessions over the last couple of years, the difference her massage has made has been great - both on a physical and emotional level."
"I leave feeling better than I hoped, more grounded but also re-energised. It is a real treat to receive a massage from Megan."
Abbe Opher, Writer and Hotel Inspector
“I thoroughly recommend Megan, she is an intuitive and effective therapist whose calm, professional manner is very welcoming. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and grounded.”
Kylie Johnson, Mother
"My first massage with Megan was simply fantastic. She was so welcoming, relaxing and reassuring and seemed to understand intuitively what was going on with my body. I completely trusted the treatment. I felt instantly relaxed."
Paul Edwards, Customer Services Director